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15 video game streamers your teens should be watching

Black Girl Gamers, a sci-fi veteran and Swedish Fortnite star Loeya are just a few of the YouTube video-makers and Twitch streamers bringing diverse voices to the gaming sphere

If you’re in a household with teenage video game players, you will know the sound of Twitch streamers and YouTubers. Right now, my sons seem to live on a steady media diet of wildly enthusiastic young men, playing the same games, in the same ways, using the same slang. Over lockdown I have heard the words “What’s up?” and “like and subscribe” enough times to last me until the heat death of the universe.

Last weekend, my wife emerged from my youngest son’s bedroom and said to me, between clenched teeth: “Is there no one different for them to watch?” And true, from the outside, game streaming can seem like a monoculture, dominated by energy drink-sponsored dudebros. Here are some other streamers and YouTube video makers to throw into your household’s gaming media mix.

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