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Russia-Ukraine war latest: leaders gather to work out ‘Marshall plan’ to rebuild Ukraine; Zelenskiy vows to retake Lysychansk

The effort to rebuild Ukraine will require ‘colossal investments’, Volodymyr Zelenskiy says; Russia claims control of Ukraine’s eastern Luhansk region Russia says it has full control of Luhansk region Europe at risk of recession amid concerns Russia could cut gas Liz Truss mulls seizure of Russian assets in UK to give to Ukraine At a […]

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Wimbledon – Kyrgios, Halep, Nadal and Anisimova in fourth-round action – live!

‘The last one standing’: Norrie happy to carry British hopes Get in touch! Email John or tweet @JohnBrewin_ Before we begin with Alex de Minaur’s match with Christian Garin, let’s relive the golden moment of the fortnight so far, Ricky Livid himself, Sir Cliff Richard. Pat Cash, the 1987 Wimbledon champion and BBC pundit, has […]

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It Takes a Family review – a family broken by the Holocaust unpick their trauma

Susanne Kovács’s investigation into her Jewish Hungarian family’s past reveals untidy truths about memory and history In Susanne Kovács’s intimate dive into her family history, memory is a tempestuous mistress. Brittle like glass, the ghosts of the past haunt generations of the Kovács family. Guided by the director’s desire to learn more about her grandmother’s […]

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Amazon Fire 7 2022 review: budget tablet gets design and speed upgrade

Faster chip, longer battery life, newer software and slim recycled plastic body offer serious bang for buck Amazon’s smallest and cheapest tablet gets a much-needed upgrade in design, speed, battery life and software – but with a price increase. The 12th-generation Fire 7 starts at £59.99 ($59.99) – £10 more than the last version – […]

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Amazon: e-cargo bikes to replace thousands of van deliveries in London

Online retailer opening ‘micromobility’ hub in Hackney as part of efforts to cut carbon emissions Amazon is launching a fleet of e-cargo bikes and a team of on-foot delivery staff to replace thousands of van deliveries on London’s roads. The online retailer is opening its first “micromobility” hub in Hackney, east London, which – along […]

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British army confirms breach of its Twitter and YouTube accounts

Investigation under way after interview with Elon Musk uploaded to video channel and picture of cartoon monkey seen on Twitter The British army has confirmed a “breach” of its Twitter and YouTube accounts and said it is investigating. Its Twitter account appeared to have been hacked and had the name “BAPESCAN” instead of British Army […]

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Electric cars sold in UK passes half a million despite supply chain issues

A fifth of the electric cars on British roads were made by Tesla, the US electric car pioneer The number of electric cars sold in the UK has surpassed half a million, according to analysis that underlines the rapid growth in demand despite supply chain problems caused by the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. […]

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I’ve had crushes all my life, but I’m getting married soon – and making a promise to love just one person | Nell Frizzell

I have fancied everyone from cartoon foxes to wrestlers. Do I have to say goodbye to all that? Unlike Jimmy Carter, the former US president, I have not committed adultery in my heart many times. But only because I have never been married. Over the course of my life, I have had more crushes than […]

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Goodbye silicone? A new era of breast reconstruction is on the horizon

Tissue-regrowing implants, which will enter human trials next week, could provide comfortable and accessible alternatives to silicone Having an ice pack strapped to your chest – that’s how some describe the experience of taking a walk in cold weather when you have breast implants. Silicone only slowly reaches body temperature once out of the cold, […]

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Is your smartphone ruining your memory? A special report on the rise of ‘digital amnesia’

‘I can’t remember anything’ is a common complaint these days. But is it because we rely so heavily on our smartphones? And do the endless alerts and distractions stop us forming new memories? Last week, I missed a real-life meeting because I hadn’t set a reminder on my smartphone, leaving someone I’d never met before […]

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